Are you seeking a towing firm that will not do any harm to your antique, classic, or custom car? Ready to learn how to safely transport your vehicle to any area in Tulsa County? Expedite Towing is the answer. We provide all clients the most dependable towing service, whether transferring their vintage automobile from showroom to showroom or attending a sports event.

We take pleasure in providing excellent customer service.

Our drivers specialize in loading and unloading historic automobiles entirely error-free.

We have a solid grasp of vintage automobiles and the safety precautions to take during shipping.

We take client feedback seriously and cultivate long-term relationships with them to deliver better towing services in the future.


Because only some traditional transportation businesses use specialists, they may compromise the loading and unloading of the automobile, putting it at risk of harm. However, you can count on NeptuneTowing to do an excellent job. Here are some of the ways we protect automobiles:

Collins carrier dollies:

Our staff places this equipment beneath your car’s tires and adjusts it to raise the vehicle off the ground. Using the dolly’s winch force, we’ll carefully slide the automobile onto the truck’s lowered flatbed. The car is secured to the Collins carrier and dollies throughout transportation, which will also help offload at the destination.

Soft bridle tie:

If you have a frameless vehicle, our staff will install a soft bridle on the undercarriage that attaches to a tow hook. It’s a great technique to keep scratches off your car’s underbelly.

Four-point securing: With this procedure, your automobile rides on its own suspension while being restrained across all four tires on the tow truck’s flatbed. The technology is totally adaptable to any automobile tire size.


Prepare your car for transfer by following: Towing companies may have particular transit guidelines. Make sure that you understand what your automobile requires before transfer. Do they allow you to keep your belongings in your vehicle while transporting? Can you tow your car with a full tank of gas? And as a general rule, photographing your truck before and after shipment is essential.

Safeguard your vehicle:

While it is normal to anticipate trouble-free transportation, it is also difficult to forecast what may happen to your car while on a journey. As a result, provide you have agreed-upon value insurance for your vintage automobile. Yes. We replied, “Agreed.” And why is this so? Because most conventional insurance policies do not give the same degree of protection as historic automobile insurance.

Neptune Towing Service can transport your antique automobile to any location in Tulsa County; we are convinced you will like our service. Each team member is aware of the preparation work that must be done and the safety procedures that must be taken. As a result, your vehicle will reach its destination in its pre-transport condition. If we still need to answer your questions, please contact us anytime.