Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing one of the safest ways to transport a car or vehicle is flatbed. The bed’s flat appearance on the flatbed truck makes it the most favorable, secure, and safe procedure to transport a car. In any instance, where multiple cars may be broken or more than two vehicles require towing, the long truck bed space amicably provides adequate space for accommodating cost-efficient flatbed towing of these vehicles.

The flatbed service is best provided by our company, the Neptune towing service that gives several services to our customers. These services include all-wheel-drive vehicles, fully dressed motorcycles, low-rider vehicles, classic vehicles, exotic vehicles, forklifts, pieces of equipment, vehicles with missing wheels, etc.

We provide quality is proven and best towing service for longer, heavier, or lower rising vehicles. Our powerful fleet of trucks includes specially built, low-profile designed trucks with an extra decreased loading angle to provide amazing service for towing of all kinds of vehicles. Our staff members are eligible for handling all types of loading on trucks while keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

Whenever other towing services are either not possible due to the fragile nature of the vehicle, or due to any special characteristics of the model of vehicle, or due to the current state of the vehicle, then the most ideal choice would be the flatbed service. It can hoist a vehicle onto the truck bed entirely off the ground while avoiding any wear and tear that may occur by towing through any other service. The flatbed of the truck becomes exactly horizontal to the ground level after loading the vehicle which makes it a secure place to and carries the vehicles.

Whenever and wherever you require flatbed towing service, we are here round the clock to help our customers.