Although it is inconvenient, everyone encounters automobile problems now and again. When you do, choosing a towing business that has your best interests at heart is highly critical. Rapid and effective roadside help is essential, mainly if you live in congested areas of Tulsa. Knowing a reliable towing business ahead of time might help you immensely during a difficult situation.

We’ve included our top five suggestions for finding the finest towing firm in Tulsa, OK, below:

1. Costing

Payment methods differ from provider to company; some want upfront payment, while others are ready to negotiate with your insurance carrier. What matters most is that you are not being overcharged at an already difficult moment. Determine your financial restrictions before selecting a towing business. Then, request a flat rate and openness to any extra fees. Any towing firm that does not perform this should be avoided. Knowing how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for is an essential first step in locating a trustworthy towing business.

Two expenses to consider ahead of time:

  • price-per-mile: the cost of delivering an automobile to the desired location.
  • hook-up fee: connecting your car to the tow truck.

Towing on vacation, towing off-road, towing between provinces, and other charges may apply. Make sure to inquire about them ahead of time if feasible to keep them inside the budget!

2. Locate, locate, locate!

You must locate a towing business that is close to you. Neptune Towing has a branch in Tulsa. Wherever your automobile is, our facility is most certainly nearby. As a result, we can get wherever you are in no time.

Unfortunately, many Tulsa Towing companies will promote their services in regions distant from their locations. That is, if you are stuck, you will spend considerably more time waiting for a tow truck than if you discovered someone with locations near to where you are.

3. Examine the ratings and reviews

Customer satisfaction is an excellent predictor of how effectively a firm keeps its commitments. Looking at their ratings and reviews will show you that not all towing firms are made equal. If a firm is rated two stars or less, it’s best to avoid it.

Not to mention reading the reviews! Of course, there will always be some negative feedback. However, if the bad ratings outnumber the excellent evaluations, we suggest you choose another towing business.

4. Do they haul on flatbeds?

Even though most towing businesses have improved their towing tactics, several still need to employ the antiquated hook-and-chain towing approach, which may severely harm your vehicle. You want to avoid unwittingly adding to the situation if you’re already seeking to have your automobile towed. Mainly if you use a tow truck that damages your vehicle. When you call your towing business, inquire carefully about the towing technique they use to transport automobiles. You’re in excellent hands if they suggest flatbed towing.

5. Do they keep up with service innovation and versatility?

It is critical to evaluate a towing company’s professionalism and education. If it appears that the towing company is unaware of an industry shift in practices, such as the shift from hook-and-chain to flatbed towing, or if it does not offer versatile services such as motorcycle towing, Tesla towing, or RV towing, you should look for a different towing provider. You never know what kind of position you’ll find yourself in. Finding a towing service business that is prepared for anything is critical.

Neptune Towing Service prioritizes speedy, adaptable, high-quality service and upfront pricing. We’ll quickly tow your motorbike, RV, heavy-duty vehicle, automobile, or truck. If you’re trapped in a parking garage, off-road, need a battery boost, or have been in an accident, we’ve got you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose Neptune Towing Service, and we’ll take excellent care of your vehicle no matter where you are or what condition it is in.