Towing Service in Bixby, Oklahoma

Towing service with any vehicle needs the right setup, correct equipment, and the proper techniques and methods. There are few important tips to remember before taking into consideration the towing services.

Owner’s Manual: Reference your owner’s manual for towing specifications.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): The maximum total combined weight of the unloaded vehicle, passengers, hitch, tongue load, and trailer.

Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): Maximum load limit specified for the front or rear axle.

Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR): The maximum total weight rating of the vehicle, passengers, cargo, and trailer.

The required instruments for the best towing service are trailer hitch receiver, ball mount and hitch ball, trailer light wiring system, tow chain, coupler. There are few driving tips to be followed while towing as always allow more distance for stopping. Never exceed the speed limit to keep the vehicles under control. When passing allow extra distance to keep yourself and others at a safe distance to avoid any accident If necessary, downshift for better acceleration so that the weight of both vehicles can be balanced.

While driving downhill, always downshift and apply brakes in small intervals to allow slow and steady stopping. When driving uphill, downshift to add power and traction so that both the towed vehicle and towing vehicle can bear the weight and climb uphill. Avoid sudden steering to prevent sliding, skidding, and jackknifing. When driving in rainy and windy conditions, slow down to maintain control. If the conditions still cause swaying, get off the road and wait for the weather to clear. When parked, place blocks under the tires to prevent the trailer from rolling.

So if you face any problem at any hour of the clock, we are here to provide the best towing service to you 24/7. Our company Neptune Towing service provides the best towing services available.


Towing in Bixby, OK

Is your vehicle stranded on a street somewhere? Perhaps you need to get it to an auto mechanic? If so, it would be wise to hire a towing company.

If you’re in the Bixby, OK area, there’s no better towing company to call than Neptune Towing Services. We offer the best towing services in Bixby and will get your vehicle to where it needs to go in a safe and efficient manner. Learn more about our Bixby towing services by reading below.

24/7 Towing

Car won’t start? It doesn’t matter whether it’s 5 PM or 3 AM, we here at Neptune Towing Services can accommodate you. We offer 24/7 service and can get to your vehicle in less than an hour.

We’ll take your vehicle wherever it needs to go and do everything we can to ensure its safety along the way. Our tow trucks are fully equipped to handle personal vehicles of all sizes, from cars to trucks to vans and more. We can also tow motorcycles, dirt bikes, and miscellaneous construction equipment.

Additional Roadside Services

Not only do we tow vehicles, but we also provide a variety of other roadside services as well. These services include the following:

Jump Starts

Has your battery died? Need a jump to get your vehicle up and running again? We have you covered.

We carry all of the equipment necessary to charge an automobile battery. Regardless of where your vehicle is located, one of our tow truck drivers will show up and provide you with the needed charge.

Lockout Services

Just about everyone’s done it at some point or another: locked themselves out of their cars. Fortunately, you don’t have to break a window in order to get back in. You can simply utilize our roadside services.

We carry all of the tools necessary to unlock locked car doors. You’ll be back in your vehicle in no time.

Fuel Delivery

Maybe you ran out of gas and are currently stranded on the side of the road. If so, you don’t need to walk to the nearest gas station. You can simply call us up and have us deliver fuel to you.

Tire Changes

Dealing with a flat tire? Not able to drive anywhere? We’re the ones to call. We’ll put on your spare tire, allowing you to drive safely to your nearest auto repair shop.

Need Bixby Towing Services?

Do you need a tow? Looking for towing in Oklahoma? Searching for Bixby towing services, in particular?

If so, look no further than Neptune Towing Services. Regardless of where your vehicle is located, and regardless of where it needs to go, we’re the ones to see. We offer the best towing services in Bixby and will ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

We’re open 24/7 and can tow personal vehicles of all kinds. Contact us now to schedule your tow!