Battery Jump Start Service in Tulsa, OK

Before talking about the jump start Service, we would like to tell you about the vehicle’s battery importance. Batteries are essential for any car. Combustion engines depend on them because they need a spark to work and electric cars depend on motors that need to be turned using electricity. Every vehicle needs these batteries to perform significant functions.

If you have a car or a motorcycle, it will also have a battery. The vehicles have it in the very front of the hood. BMW has its battery in the trunk. Batteries do not die soon because they have a year’s lifetime, and they charge continuously with the help of a generator built in the car.

Battery jump start services

If a battery dies entirely, then it can be challenging to get it back running. It will help if you have high amounts of current to turn it back on. The car cannot produce that amount of current just by standing. That is why it makes sure that the battery never dies. It only fails when the vehicle is turned on. But not on the ignition and stays in this condition for an extended period.

After that, the battery dies, and the car refuses to start altogether. If your battery has also died, you can attach it to the car battery and turn it on if you have a portable jump starter. The jump starter will charge the battery just enough that it becomes able to start the car. After that, the car charges the battery by itself.

Car Battery Jump-Start in Tulsa, OK

If you have your portable jump starter, then the problem is that it is dangerous. Most of the devices do not have reverse polarity protection. So, if you attach the terminals in the opposite direction, the high voltage can blast the battery and fry the device itself. The best thing to do in this condition is to call professionals. You need to type jump start car service near me on google, and you will find Neptune Towing Service on the very top. Contact us from there, and we will be at your location in no time. We have professional employees and industrial equipment which reverse polarity protection. We ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process and that your car starts after it.

Battery Jump Service in Tulsa, OK

Many companies provide jump-start car services, but the issue is that not all of them have professional tools. It is hazardous because of reverse polarity. If the device is not protected, even a tiny mistake can make you buy a new one. However, if the device is protected, they do not need to worry about anything. The second thing is professionalism. People think this is an easy job and do not need to hire professionals. They use jumper cables to power their car using another one. This car causes both batteries to get damaged because they are not made for this purpose. It will reduce the Life of the battery and sometimes even void the warranty.

Roadside Assistance Jump Start Service

Most companies that provide roadside Services will give you a jump-start Service. Many services come under the shadow of roadside assistance, and they are listed below:

  • Jump Start Service
  • Towing Service
  • Tire Replacement Service
  • Fuel Delivery Service

If you need any of these services, then look no more and call Neptune Towing Service. We have professional and trained employees who will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process and that the prices are reasonable.

Emergency Jump Start in Tulsa OK

Many companies do not provide emergency services. It is because they do not have enough staff or devices so they can reach you immediately. Suppose you hurry but are still stuck on the road because your car battery dies on you. Then do not worry, open google and type jump start near me. You will find our Company at the very top. You can call our customer support from there can ask for emergency Service. After that, one of our experts will leave the office to help you. He will be at your location in no time. So, get in touch with us immediately. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Jump Start Motorcycle in Tulsa OK

As we explained earlier, every Engine needs a battery. Motorcycles also have a battery, but it is much smaller. They have the same voltage, but the amps are very low. If your bike’s battery is not working as intended or it died on you in a middle of a ride, you will need to call us.

We are the best partner; when you think about it, I need a jump start. Our experts will leave to help you with jump-start battery Service immediately.

Emergency Roadside Assistance in Tulsa, OK

Call Neptune Towing Service immediately if you need an emergency jump start car service. We have professional employees who will be happy to help you. We provide emergency Service and make sure to reach the client in the minimum time frame possible.

Budget Direct Roadside Assistance in Tulsa, OK

We provide direct budget Service as well. If you need a car jump Service on the road, you do not need to worry about the prices. We have the best price plan. We do not change our price depending on the location or the car. You need to pay us around off fee which is the same for the whole area.

The best part is that the overall prices are low. We care about our customers and ensure that our car battery jump-start in Tulsa, OK, does not get heavy on their pockets. You can call us without any hesitation and ask anything about our services.