What would you do if your car broke down unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere? We all hope nothing like this will happen to us, but sometimes it does.In these kinds of scenarios, it’s essential to be ready. The first step is to ensure you have several skilled and trustworthy towing services on your contacts list.

In these cases, a professional towing service can help you quickly and effectively, so you don’t have to be stuck on the road for a long time.

This post will tell you everything you need about towing and towing services. It will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Towing Service? What is it?

Towing service is a roadside assistance that assists people when their vehicles have been involved in an accident, have suffered engine failure, are damaged or broken down, and cannot move on their own. Towing services transport your vehicle to its destination using sophisticated equipment and towing vehicles controlled by skilled professionals. It’s mostly a car repair shop, impound lot, garage, or other facility.

Towing a vehicle begins when the owner/driver contacts a professional towing Tulsa business. Depending on the towing scenario and the car needing towing, the towing firm assigns a suitable towing vehicle and equipment immediately. When the towing vehicle and qualified workers arrive at the car’s position, the vehicle is hoisted and hauled to its destination. Towing Tulsa service providers typically offer 24-hour services, ensuring you have assistance available at all times, day or night.

In addition, most towing businesses provide roadside assistance services, including vehicle jump starts, tire changes, lockout services, and more.

A Breakdown of “FlatBed Towing:

As the name implies, a flatbed tow truck is used for this type of towing. Its adaptability and practicality have made it a common towing technique. Using a winch and other specialized equipment, it raises the vehicle so that all four wheels rest on a flatbed.

In contrast to wheel lift towing, which leaves parts of the towed vehicle on the ground, the car is driven directly to its destination.

Tulsa flatbed towing is the best choice for transporting expensive autos, classic cars, large machinery, and other delicate items.

When Should You Contact A Towing Company?

Vehicle breakdowns are commonplace even though current cars are more dependable than those of a few decades ago. A professional towing service should be called in the following situations:

Mechanical Failure

You have: Low-Quality Fuel; a Dead Battery; an Issue with the Engine or Brakes; a Mechanical Issue; a Crash; Lost Your Keys; Ran Out of Gas in the Middle of Nowhere; and Need Winching Services (The vehicle is mired in water, snow, or a ditch)

Calling a professional towing service and explaining your predicament is best if your car won’t move or you feel uneasy driving it due to a breakdown or engine trouble.

When you call for help on the side of the road, they’ll send a tow truck and any other necessary equipment. To further increase security, turn on your warning lights until aid arrives from a trained professional.

How can I avoid having my car towed by performing routine maintenance?

Regarding towing, prevention is preferable to treatment, as with most things. Even though towing may occasionally be necessary due to circumstances beyond your control, you can usually avoid having it done by doing routine maintenance on your car.

If you follow these guidelines for routine maintenance, you can save your vehicle from ever needing to be towed. –

Tires Need Checking

Tire failure is a common cause for needing roadside assistance. The condition of your tires affects your car’s gas mileage, stopping distances, and handling. If you keep an eye on your tires’ wear, you can avoid a tow. The condition of the tire can be determined by monitoring the –

• Tire PSI – Ensure the pressure is correct once every several months. Age of Tires and Wear on the Treads Get new tires if yours are showing their age. Tires should be replaced every 5-10 years regardless of tread wear.

Pull out the dipstick and compare the oil level to the marker on the stick at regular intervals. Maintain frequent oil changes and only use manufacturer-recommended motor oil.

Also, use a piece of tissue to check the engine oil by wiping it on a dipstick. A change of engine oil is required if the oil is dark in color or has a gritty consistency.

Inspect the Condition of the Brake. Brake inspections are one of the most essential preventative maintenance checks you can perform on your vehicle. Some aspects of the total braking system to double-check are –

  • Disc Brakes
  • Disc Pads

What Is Brake Fluid?

When brakes fail, they might cause accidents requiring a towing company’s services in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA.

Verify the Coolant Level in Your Car.

The condition and level of your vehicle’s coolant should be checked as part of your regular maintenance routine.

To see if the coolant is clean, unscrew the tank. If the coolant levels have dropped, you can replenish them by adding a mixture of coolant and demineralized water to the coolant tank.

What to look for in a reliable Tow Truck

Suppose you’ve never dealt with a towing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In that case, knowing which tow truck is best for your vehicle can be difficult.

A lot has changed if you’ve worked with a Tulsa towing service before, especially with the introduction of new towing trucks and technology.

Here are some things to consider while picking a tow truck:

Think about how big and heavy your car is.

Determine how much weight the tow truck can haul.

Think about the necessary towing gear.

Think about how far you’ll have to go. Long-distance towing is best accomplished with a flatbed tow truck, whereas local towing may be accomplished with a wheel lift.

Verify that the tow truck and service are authorized to operate in your state.

What Should You Do and Not Do While Waiting for a Tow Truck?

There are various things you should and should not do if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to an accident or a mechanical failure of your car.

Let’s go through some basic musts and must-not –

First things first: safely pull over and turn on your hazard lights.

Stay in a safe area till the towing company arrives.

Don’t panic, and make sure your possessions, including your car, are safe.

Avoid attempting self-towing if at all possible.

Put away all of your valuables and lock your car.

To prevent more trouble, you should (1) wait to exit your vehicle until you are safely away from moving traffic and (2) avoid asking for assistance from strangers or inexperienced bystanders.

You’ll never have to worry about being stranded on the road for hours again, thanks to the 24-hour availability of professional towing services in Tulsa. You can get to safety in your vehicle more quickly and at a lower cost.

What’s the Distinction Between Towing and Roadside Help?

Towing and roadside help may be similar, but they are still separate businesses.

Using a tow truck and other towing equipment, you can have your broken down or otherwise inoperable vehicle transported to a safe area. Towing is a job for experts.

When a car has a minor problem that can be remedied quickly, roadside assistance can come to the rescue and get the car back on the road.

Typical roadside help features include fuel delivery, flat tire changes, vehicle unlocks, battery jump starts, and other minor repairs.

Tow truck classifications

There are a wide variety of tow trucks on the market, and it’s crucial to select the one that best meets your needs in light of the circumstances.

Whether you’ve used towing services before or not, familiarizing yourself with the many options can assist you in hiring the right truck for your vehicle.

Current tow truck varieties include:

Wrecker with a Flat Bed

Tow trucks with a hook and chain, a wheel lift, and integrated tow mechanisms

Extra-Large Tractor-Trailers

Crane vehicles

Give Neptune Towing Company as much detail as possible regarding your location, vehicle, and any issues when you call for assistance.

It will guide them in selecting the most appropriate tow truck. Flatbed tow trucks are ideal for high-end luxury vehicles since they can safely lift and transport the car with all four wheels off the ground. This will protect your vehicle during shipment, preventing any scratches or other damage.

Advantages of Flatbed Towing

Tow trucks with a flatbed have a long, empty beds. Its lack of walls, a ceiling, and doors make for a more open layout, which helps get things done.

Bicycles, cars, trucks, boats, construction equipment, and more may be easily towed. Towing Tulsa companies and clients frequently choose flatbed tow trucks because of their superior protection and ease.

The most notable advantages of flatbed towing include –

Flatbed tow trucks protect your vehicle from further harm after an accident or breakdown.

When transporting new cars, flatbed tow trucks can reduce unnecessary miles driven.

Towing with a flatbed truck is quick, easy, and efficient because of the vehicle’s simplistic loading and unloading procedures.

Flatbed tow trucks are more versatile than other tow vehicles since they don’t require modifications like wheel-lift and integrated tow vehicles.

Long-distance towing is best accomplished using a flatbed tow truck, as the entire vehicle is kept off the ground. It protects the car from getting scratched or dinged up while being transported.

Compared to alternative towing choices, flatbed tow trucks provide your vehicle the highest level of protection.


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