Most individuals have seen a routine tow on the side of the road. However, there are specific situations that need the use of specialized towing gear and equipment. Trucks may get stranded off-road, or giant trucks may generate enough velocity to fall off the road or overturn.

Vehicle recovery, also known as recovery towing, employs specialized equipment to transport these cars back to safety.

How can you tell whether you need recovery towing?

In this article, we explain what recovery towing is, and who to contact for recovery services. Continue reading to discover more about it!

What is Recovery Towing and When you need it?

There are times when there are better solutions than regular towing. If your car becomes disabled and needs specific equipment, you will require recovery towing services. Large vehicles, such as buses or trucks, often need recovery towing since they frequently fly off the road or flip due to their velocity.

Standard automobiles may also need rescue towing. Off-road vehicles, both two-wheel and four-wheel, may get stranded far from the road. Driving on gravel roads, mountain trails, or ravines might cause your car to get stuck. In this situation, you will be too far from the road for regular towing services and will instead need recovery towing.

Recovery of Light Vehicles

Light vehicle recovery will be required for standard passenger vehicles such as automobiles. When standard towing is insufficient, recovery is employed to retrieve your car from an emergency scenario. Driving through the countryside or the mountains may be dangerous since it might result in your vehicle being stuck on dirt roads or even in a ditch. Recovering a car that has fallen into a ravine requires specialized equipment and knowledge of the finest approaches. Experts in recovery towing will also handle any dangerous chemicals found at accident sites. Some scenarios that need light vehicle recovery include:

  • Engines that have failed
  • Punctures in tires
  • Batteries that have gone dead
  • Terrain elements
  • Accidents
  • Road conditions that force you to spin or slide off the road.
  • Recovery for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The primary distinction between light-duty and heavy-duty recovery is the vehicle’s weight to be retrieved. Heavy-duty recovery is used for heavier automobiles that have gone off the road and need a more excellent towing capability. A semi-truck is three times the weight of a conventional car. A standard tow truck cannot recover more oversized vehicles such as trailers, buses, RVs, or tractors. Heavy-duty vehicle recovery requires specialized equipment, training, and skill, particularly if the cars are flipped or off the road.

Heavy-Duty recovery is challenging since it requires several considerations to secure everyone’s safety and the precise recovery of the heavy vehicle. Stauffer’s Towing, for example, has the knowledge and resources to tackle heavy-duty recovery. They must pay particular attention to minimizing damages and weigh specific factors to identify the best strategy for compensation. We may employ a forklift, rotator, airbag recovery system, duty wrecker, other recovery gear, and even a crane to recover heavy-duty automobiles properly. A heavy-tow truck with maximum towing capacity, an expanded wheelbase, and winches and cables is also used. A heavy-duty tow may require numerous recovery trucks in certain instances.

Among the most frequent heavy-duty recovery services are:

  • Machinery
  • Semi-trucks
  • The bus and the motorcoach
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Tractor-trailer
  • Fleet vehicles

Neptune Towing Is Your Local Recovery Expert.

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Passenger safety is our first focus with every rescue tow. Neptune Towing prioritizes the safety of all vehicle passengers. To keep passengers safe from traffic and the rescue procedure, we divert all passengers away from the area. We do all we can to make the recovery process as safe and efficient as possible.

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